Deelo Con, a birdman from a medieval Earth of swords, shields and spear lines, is dead. Living inside his body is another man—an Alpha human from the Emergency Earth Union. Or is it someone else?

Confronted by his torturer and adopted brother, Novak Vaskillian who has killed everyone Deelo has loved, Deelo Con jumps from Vaskillian Day Bridge and disappears into Extraction Falls. But this is not the end of Deelo's experience. In fact, his journey has just begun.

Travelling through the moments of his life, reliving events from his past, Deelo Con's search for the Portal, the magical source of all future weapons pouring into the medieval landscape, is renewed. He must stop Novak before he carries out his plan of controlling the minds and eyes of every soldier and citizen in the empire.

Will Deelo find the Portal before Novak does? And what must Deelo Con do once he finds it? The answer lies somewhere between the past and the future, between Alpha humanity and Beta humanity, and between our very ideals of good and evil.

I grunt uncontrollably as my stomach drops into my chest and my insides push on my head. I'm upside down, failling head first towards the raging white water. I wish I could shift before I hit the water, but the pain will only be momentary. When I go, I'm shifting to Lilac, directly to those missing months, just me and her in the Facility. That's how I save her. And I can learn to shift her like Novak shifted me. We can travel back in time together and re-live those blissful months over and over again, closing out the world forever, until the universe collapses in on itself.

My body catches up with my stomach and I'm floating. The grey light of the overcast sky grows dimmer and the mist and darkness of the falls grows deeper. The physical world gets cold and cruel, but inside I'm at peace. Like a star finally coughing out its dying breath, I'm enveloped in the churning water, my body smashed to pieces, my spirit set free to roam where it pleases.


This book is part two of the Birdmen of Beta Earth trilogy. Book One is free, so you can start there, but you can also start here if you'd like.

Book One has gotten a lot of great reviews.

Debra W. gave it 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads and said,
"Incredible. Wow what a ride. This is the type of book I can read again and again to understand things better every time. Very well written and imaginative story. I loved it."

Book Two promises to be even more amazing, and lead you closer and closer to the ultimate and exciting climax in Book Three.

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